Thank you for visiting Barbee Design Works! Barbee Design Works is a Seattle-based small business, ready to bring you quality items you're sure to love. My name is Simone, and I'm the owner and sole employee of Barbee Design Works. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia and relocated to Seattle, Washington in 2023. I've always had a creative side, and Barbee Design Works is my way of tapping into that creativity!

After searching for a creative outlet, I discovered the Cricut Maker - the perfect way to channel my desire to make new things. I began making gifts and projects for family and friends, who encouraged me to pursue my new-found hobby on a larger level. And thus, Barbee Design Works was born!

My vision for Barbee Design Works is to be for those who like to express themselves in the things around them. Those who prefer unique designs for their everyday items. Those who opt for personally-designed and crafted over mass-produced.

I'm committed to bringing customers the best experience possible - from the quality of the items to the feeling you get when you open your neatly-packaged order. Each order is hand-packed with care, ensuring that you get the best quality. I understand the importance of customer service and am available and ready to hear your questions and comments.

Thanks again for visiting Barbee Design Works!